"O What a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive. Here's my website......... Would you believe"!


“Our son, Nicolas came out with a bombshell last night. He suddenly announced that he thinks poetry is “incredible and mind-blowing”… that he “gets it” at last… and that he now feels “huge enjoyment from it” !

“He said he now understands that for him it started with Under Milk Wood, and that his understanding was complete when he watched the TV programme on Sunday night on the life of Dylan Thomas and his poetry. He said it took him ages to get to sleep that night as he became fascinated with the “choice of words and shapes of the words” used by DT in his poetry. Since then he’s been taking the ‘Nation’s favourite poems’ , as well as your own book and reading them before going to bed… and all this without his parents having to prompt him!!

Frankly Timothy, both Snej and I think this is miraculous. You’ve taken a sports mad, testosterone-filled, banter-crazy, “poetry is boring, doesn’t make sense and is for girls” kind of boy, and forced a 180 degree turn. The effect of this on Nicolas will be both positive and profound during his lifetime. What you have achieved is awe-inspiring and you have our total admiration.